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Dairy Products  
Optical Milk Analyser
Description & Working Principle

The Optical Milk Analyser, developed by REIL, works on the principle of photo metric measurement of light allowed to pass through the measurement device in accordance with the milk density.

The milk density is measured accurately and result displayed quickly on a digital display after temperature correction according to the actual sample temperature for the convenient read-out by the user and the milk producer.

The instrument allows capturing of milk FAT from an Electronic Milk Tester(EMT) and displays FAT & SNF% on Optical Milk Analyser LCD. Option for display of CLR is not available. The instrument is simple, economcal, reliable and rugged for milk analysis.

This instrument can be integrated with Automatic Milk Collection Unit for quick measurement of milk parameters, processing and storing them for records. The instrument is ideally suited for the village milk collection centers, milk chilling centres etc.


Performance Data
Processing Micro-processor controlled
Display 16 Characters x 2 Lines LCD display
Accuracy SNF ± 0.0 5 for fat 0-8%
±0.10 for fat 8-13%
Repeatability (Sd) SNF 0.10
Sample Volume :100 ml/test (reusable)
Speed Performs 150 tests/hour
-Input Port Serial port for data capturing from EMT
-Output Port Serial port for data transmission to PC
Power Consumption 50 Watts max.
Cabinet Sheet Steel (Stainless Steel optional), Milk Chamber SS
  • Displays % solid-non-fat.
  • Results independent of sample temperature.
  • Suitable for Raw, Fresh and homogenised milk.
  • Effects of air bubbles on accuracy eliminated.
  • Small sample volume of 100 ml.
  • Sample reusable after test.
  • Performs 150 tests per hour.
  • Quick measurement and instant digital read-out on LCD.
  • RS 232 data output.
  • Reliable & rugged design, parts made of SS.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Operator friendly-easy to maintain & simple to use.
  • Simple & inexpensive method of milk analysis.
  • Close correlation to accepted standards methods.
Installation Requirments
Power Supply 230V, 50Hz, 1-Φ , AC Supply (1 Amp Max.)
Ambient temperature 5-45˚ C
Space 500mm x 500mm x 500mm max. with EMT



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